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Out-of-the-Box Software Solutions

TagMinder is an RFID optimized inventory management solution that increases your visibility of the movement and location of your assets, providing a clear and accurate accounting of what you have and where it is.

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Custom Application Development

Mobile Applications

Today's smartphones, tablets and mobile devices have changed the way we all do business. Snively Inc creates beautiful, functional mobile applications for any platform. We specialize in durable mobile devices with integrated data capturing technologies such as RFID, NFC and Barcode, allowing us to create applications to automate inventory management, track & locate assets, make workflows more efficient, keep workers connected and more. Our mobile applications are created with functionality, ingenuity and design in mind.

Apple iOS (Swift / Objective C)

Android (Java / Kotlin)

Windows & Windows Mobile (C#)

RFID / NFC / Barcode Handheld Devices

Point of Sale Devices

On-Board Databasing & Synchronization

Web Applications

Let's face it, most businesses today need an online presence. We've got you covered! Snively Inc has developed web applications ranging from full scale enterprise applications currently being used by Fortune 500 companies, to simple web sites & web services. Have and existing application? We support existing & legacy applications too. Our web apps are elegantly designed, developed for cross-browser support and are responsive to common platforms. Our focus is on meeting your exact needs and building scalable applications that allow for future growth.

Responsive, Cross Platform Web Apps

API & Web Service Development

Existing & Legacy App Support

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Javasript, jQuery, JSON, XML

Security & Encryption

Desktop Applications

Sometimes a desktop application can be the most practical and cost-effective solution for adding efficiency to your business and accelerating your workflows. Snively Inc builds native desktop applications for virtually any platform including Windows, macOS & Linux. With over 30 years in the business, we've integrated & interfaced with large variety of different types of mainframes, servers, databases, PLC's and more. TagMinder is one of our out-of-the-box solutions - designed for Windows OS & Windows Server - that offers an RFID-optimized inventory management solution.

Windows, macOS, Linux

Server Systems

Unix Systems

IBM System i, AS/400

Out-of-the-box Solutions

Legacy Application Support

Database & Backend Systems

Throughout our 30 + years working IT in the manufacturing and warehousing industry, we've seen it all. We've worked with a variety of different backend systems ranging from common systems like Microsoft SQL server to legacy systems like Progress or MAS90. In recent years, technology has taken us to the Cloud where data can be accessed from virtually anywhere and allows for maximum scalability. Most mobile devices we offer have an on-board database allowing us to take data into the harshest of environments where internet is unavailable. With our expertise in legacy databases & migrations, the Cloud, mobile databases and conventional servers, Snively Inc can deliver the data when and where you need it.


Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL

Oracle, MySQL

SQLite, SQL Server Compact

Microsoft Access & Excel, JSON, XML, CSV

Progress, MAS90, Paradox & More

Legacy Database Support & Interfacing


Snively Inc specializes in developing custom automation software solutions to suit you business's needs. By combining all or some of our services, we can eliminate downtime, prevent inventory and asset loss, add visibility to your assets, boost workflow efficiency, provide critical analytics, schedule production and more. Through the use of RFID, NFC and Barcode technologies combined with our software, we can reduce your operational costs and provide visibility throughout your manufacturing process. The best part is, we provide everything: the hardware, software, media and the expertise.

RFID / NFC / Barcode Integration

Asset Tracking

Label Printing & Serialization


Custom Reports

GPIO Harware Integration

Systems Integration

Have an existing system in place? Do you need a better interface to your data that is currently stored in a legacy system? What if you need to communicate with a Comtrol module or PLC? Yeah, we do that too! Snively Inc has decades of expirence integrating with existing manufacturing processes, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and other hardware/software systems. We can bolt-on to, interface with or integrate into a wide variety of enterprise systems We also offer system migrations for clients seeking to upgrade or merge their current system.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration

Programming Logic Controllers (PLC)


Bolt-Ons & Interfaces

System Migrations

Our Method



It all starts with an idea. We can determine the hardware and software you will need for a successful project. Give us a call or send us a message to discuss your next project today


Site Survey

If required, we bring our equipment & technologies to you and test them in your environment to guarantee success



Our team collaborate with yours to deliver a usable, well-designed application that suits your needs



The fun part! We start developing your application. We understand things can change on the fly, so we use an agile development approach



We want your application launch to be successful, so we fully vet our applications for bugs prior to delivery



This is where we install your application and any necessary hardware, then monitor its status to ensure perfection



Finally, we walk through every step and make sure your team can utilize your new application efficiently