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Snively Inc. offers consultation services, technical support and RFID Site Assessments. Phone consultations are free and we offer technical support on all the hardware & software we sell. Before purchasing any hardware, Snively Inc. can bring the hardware to your worksite to test the technologies in your specific work environment. This proof-of-concept can prevent issues and future costs many companies face when implementing RFID on their own without experience.

  • We bring our RFID technologies to you and verify RFID is the solution for you
  • We can help you with application ideas, planning, design, database engineering, code review and more
  • We offer full technical support on all hardware and software we sell and even on products we don't

RFID Site Survey

RFID can be extremely beneficial to your business however there are some limitaions and requires expertise for successful implementation. Learn more about RFID here. Because of these limitations, Snively Inc offers an RFID Site Assessment - proof of concept. Before you buy any hardware or software, we bring the technology to your worksite and determine if RFID is a viable solution for your business. This can prevent future headaches and save your business lots of time and money. Don't go at it alone, consult with an expert today!

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Snively Inc. has been engineering software and hardware solutions for over 30 years while adapting to the latest & greatest products and technologies on the market. We have the knowledge and expertise to help your business integrate hardware & software, application design, database design, review code, test and more. Contact us today and let us be part of your next success story!

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Have an issue with a piece of hardware or software? We're here to help. We offer free support on all products - hardware & software - that we sell. Didn't get your product from us? We can still help. We're partnered with several hardware manufacturers and get you the support you need.

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