Safety Tracker

Safety Tracker

SafetyTracker Features

Replaces Manual Inspections:
Empower your employees with automated tools to perform and capture inspection data - reducing manual errors and increasing efficiencies and productivity.

Customizable Inspection Templates:
Safety tracker delivers default inspection templates but also provides the ability to custom define inspection points based on industry specific requirements.

Located Inventory:
Provides located serialized inventory by user-defined physical locations.

MSHA Compliant Safety Reporting:
Safety tracker provides governmental (local, state and federal) compliancy reporting for Safety equipment to MSHA. Safety Tracker can be customized for other federal agencies requirements.

Exceptionally Rugged Construction:
Passes industry's most stringent drop and tumble tests; IP64 sealing rating; integrated internal antennas. Flexibility to use in nearly any environment; dramatically reduces repair and downtime costs; delivers enterprise performance and ROI.

Barcode / RFID:
Forward scanning, pistol grip or brick form factor reduces user fatigue in scan intensive applications. System is "RFID-ready;" certain handheld configurations offer barcode and RFID.

Integrated 802.11 a/b/g WLAN radios:
Flexible always-on connection maximizes productivity: Compatible with any WLAN; technology differentiating features that deliver superior, reliable wireless connectivity. Integrated GPS, Camera, and Cellular configurations are also available.