Safety Tracker/i.roc (MORE)

Safety Tracker

  • Installed at 4 of the 5 Largest Coal Companies
  • The first "MSHACompliant" Safety PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Inspection and Tracking solution!
  • Customizable templates for inspecting any piece of equipment
  • Automates routine maintenance inspections.

Import Wizards

  • Allows uploading of existing equipment databases into the platform.
  • Standard Windows "Look and Feel"
  • Intuitive training experience which reduces the learning curve.
  • Built upon standard SQL and Microsoft Windows platform.
  • Easily integrates with customer's existing systems.
  • Fully contained and can run as a standalone application.

Written for the Mining Industry

  • In conjunction with mining personnel and safety inspectors.
  • Reduces Underground time required to physically inspect and report on SCSR's and other customer defined equipment.
  • Not limited to the mining industry.
  • Can be used in any industry requiring scheduled safety equipment inspections.

Windows Mobile Units:

  • Runs on Windows Mobile Barcode hardware.
  • Puts mobility in the hands of the safety inspectors in the field.