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RFID Solutions
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has changed the way organizations can track and identify products with automated processing utilizing this latest Technology. Snively's expertise falls in the harshest of environments ... Steel Manufacturing, Mining and other Heavy industrial applications. The most rugged environments consisting of extreme temperatures, metal and fluids are where Snively's focus on RFID falls. If it's hard to tag, nearly impossible to trace, not safe for human proximity ... call the extreme RFID experts ... Snively, Inc.

We have adopted our RFID business model to provide complete RFID solution packages to clients who are under these compliancy mandates.

Snively, Inc. has been selected as an RFID Solution Provider to aid in the RFID Mandates put in place by Wal-mart, the Department Of Defense, Target, Best Buy, Albertsons and many others to come in the near future. Snively Inc. also specializes in Closed Loop RFID Solutions—Any internal use of RFID for Inventory Tracking, Quality Control, Asset Tracking, Security, GPS Global Tracking etc.

Snively’s 20 year expertise in Manufacturing, Distributing and Warehouse Management systems enables us to strategically and seamlessly integrate RFID practices into our clients existing IT systems and infrastructures.

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