Who Is Snively

Snively Inc. was founded by Richard Snively in 1990 as an Application Development Firm focused on IBM S/3x.

As fast as the IT world has evolved, Snively Inc. has continually made the proactive progression to maintain and anticipate future IT trends and direction. We attribute our growth and success to "word-of-mouth" advertising from our client base.

Snively Inc. has always been a leading player in the IBM Application Development and Consulting arena. Our customers, however, are driving the requirement to provide a one-stop shopping solution for our clients.

We have responded to our clients by adding a Hardware Division to our portfolio of offerings. Our primary industry focus is Manufacturing/Distribution with a strong focus on WMS Systems Barcoding, RFID and Automation Implementations.

A recent addition to Snively was the development of a software application that meets the demands of MSHA compliancy and reporting called Safety Tracker.

Safety Tracker can be used as an inspection tool to track inspections on any valuable equipment or safety equipment and then allows reports to be generated for documentation.

This application was custom developed with coal miners to assist in the SCSR equipment inspections that need to be reported to MSHA.

Snively has always been on the cutting edge of our client's demands and the Safety Tracker software provides a solution for miners as well as any company with the need to accurately track and inspect their inventory.

Snively Inc. is committed to providing the best resources and superior support to both new and existing clients. We pride ourselves as a Total System Solution provider for all of your needs.